Contributions in U.S. dollars or any currency can be sent to:

PO Box 1788 Ames IA 50010 USA


Transfers in Euros can be sent to:


Kontoinhaber:  Cornhouse Stiftung International
Konto-Nr.:          5006510302
BLZ:                       52060410
BIC:                        GENODEF1EK1
IBAN:                    DE15520604105006510302
Bank Evangelische Bank eG, Seidlerstraße 6, D-34117 Kassel


(Mark as “Donation for Emmaus Way” and include your complete address).

Contributions in the U.S. and Germany are tax-deductible.


Transfers in shekels or in any currency can be sent to:

1st International Bank of Israel

Tiberias Branch: #002

Acct. Name:  Emmaus Way (CC)

Acct#:  409-632473

IBAN:  IL160310020000000632473


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