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for the presence of the Lord

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If you resonate with who we are, and want to hear more in person, we’d love to connect with you personally and impart what we carry.

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Bring your group to Israel and worship together in Galilee, where Jesus lived. We invite you to come seek God together with us at our ministry center here in Israel.

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If you want to connect with us more and facilitate study and deep conversation about Israel, we have some resources available for you here.

Our Strategic Mandate

To gather the Lord’s Body in Israel and the nations to come to Israel to worship God, so that His Presence would abide here, to the end that the light of His Glory would shatter the darkness and release the captives.

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Vision for a Generation

Vision for a Generation

A word concerning the relationship between Germany and Israel How Does God See Germany? The Lord says that Germany has carried the weight of the shame alone long enough. What Germany did all the other nations allowed, and thereby, before God, agreed with. Satan not...

On Worship

On Worship

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 Have you ever said, or heard someone say, “The worship was really good”?  I could not count the number of times I have said it myself.  Recently this phrase struck a chord of a different kind.  Is there such a thing as bad worship?  ...