A word concerning the relationship between Germany and Israel

How Does God See Germany?

The Lord says that Germany has carried the weight of the shame alone long enough. What Germany did all the other nations allowed, and thereby, before God, agreed with. Satan not only wanted to destroy Israel through the Holocaust, but Germany as well. Germany still has the calling, power and position to influence all of Europe and beyond. The devil used Germany in an attempt to stop the Lord’s return. It was and still is God’s intention to bless Israel through Germany. God wants to use Germany to prepare the way for His return, and even hasten that day.

German Youth…A Sleeping Giant

God visits the sins of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations. Consequently, after the fourth generation the weight of the sins of the past is no longer felt as before. However, although the weight of the shame on today’s German youth is nothing like what their parents have carried, there yet remains a consciousness of the past. The youth desperately want to be out from under the shame and take pride in who they are. One way or the other, they are going to come out from under the shame of the past. And as they do, a sleeping giant will wake up. What this giant is focused on when it wakes up will determine the course and fate of Germany for years to come. This is a crucial turning point. In one more generation they will be far enough away from the Holocaust that it will be easy for them to push it aside. This would be a tragedy for all of Germany. This is God’s hour for Germany to rise up out of the ashes of the past. It is the season of the fourth generation.

The Battle Over Israel

Satan will stop at nothing to keep the Jews from coming to Yeshua. His concern and goal in this hour is more than bringing destruction to the world and leading the multitudes into hell. He is fighting for his very life. He desperately fears those believers that understand the importance of Israel’s salvation, as this event starts the unstoppable final countdown to his eternal destruction.

Yeshua (Jesus) spoke over Jerusalem and said, “You will not see Me again until you say, ‘Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the Lord.’” This statement makes His return contingent on a generation of Jews recognizing who He is and calling out to Him. Romans 11:15 describes this event as life from the dead for the world. So it is not strange that Romans 11:11 tells us that God’s purpose in making the gentile nations custodians of the revelation of the New Covenant is that they might be effective in turning Israel to Yeshua. Can you receive this for your nation — that you have been called as a servant to the Jews on behalf of God’s truth? So it was for Yeshua (Rom. 15:8).

 Israel Today

When the time was nearing to bring the children of Israel out of bondage and into the Promised Land, at the time of Moses birth, Satan caused the drowning of every Hebrew male child. When the time was at hand for the Messiah to make atonement for our sins, Satan inspired the murder of every male child under two. When it was time to bring the children of Israel home in preparation for the return of the Lord, Satan succeeded in bringing death to six million Jews.

The last fifteen years have brought about a dramatic increase of spiritual hunger and openness to Yeshua in the lives of young Israelis. There is a very real potential for this present generation to call out, “Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the Lord.” Can there be any doubt that the prince of darkness will act as he has in the three previous instances? This is his last stand. We know that eventually what has been written will come to pass. But Israel is more than a prophetic sign. It is a people hated by the world, feared by the enemy and mostly ignored by the Church. Brethren, in reality, the life of a whole generation hangs in the balance.

From Germany to Israel…From Cursing to Blessing

For years, many Germans have taken part in public and private gatherings asking forgiveness of Jewish people. Unavoidably, the motivation for this for people under a weight of guilt and shame is, at least in part, personal need. Consequently and also unavoidably, the impact on or blessing to the offended party is lessened by the degree the one repenting is acting out of his or her own need. Since the youth of the third and fourth generations do not personally bear the heavy weight of shame, they are able to approach the Jews and reach their hearts in a way that they have never been touched…ever. In this the Holy Spirit has opened a huge new door of opportunity.

Many young people in Germany today are being touched by the Holy Spirit and drawn towards Israel. They have something going on in their hearts, but many do not understand what to do with what they feel. In 2004 the Lord told us that He was calling forth a prayer movement among young German believers to pray for the salvation of the young generation in Israel. He is imparting a fountain of tears of intercession into the young Germans that will wash away the veil from the eyes of the young Israelis. He called this movement The Fourth Generation”…the curse breakers. We believe that it has the potential to spread through Germany like the Watchman’s Call to release a continuous stream of intercession on behalf of Israel’s awakening. The former generation that has ploughed the ground and carried the torch for many years is so needed to instruct and support the youth in this moment. The stage is set for a Divine partnership between the generations.

For the Glory of the Lord

Ultimately the message and call concerning Israel is not really about Israel but about the revelation of the glory of God and the return of Yeshua. As such, it is not for a chosen few but for the entire Body of Messiah worldwide. However, we must take into account the fact that excesses, abuses and lack of balance around this matter have caused many to distance themselves in a way that has deprived the body of needed blessing and even brought the Lord’s disfavour. Beloved, we need to have a solid foundation of information, understanding and revelation, to produce a balanced Biblical response to one of the most central and divisive issues in the modern-day Church. Therefore let us deeply consider that:  Any attempt to directly approach the “Israel question” will always fall short. It will either be based in human emotion or the pride of human intellect. A truly balanced love and passion for the salvation of Israel can only ever be a bi-product of an intimate relationship with God.